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A legal contract is not a mere piece of paper for signing between two parties. This is why Sport Makers takes care of the entire contract lifecycle, from contract negotiations, drafting to reviewing and making sure you don’t forget about any significant details to protect our clients’ rights. Our team of Sport Makers ensures that all contracts are tailored to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the contract’s duration, ensuring that all amendments are handled efficiently.

Sport Makers is one of the top-tier law firms specializing in sports dispute resolution by way of arbitration and mediation. With a team of highly experienced lawyers who are well-versed in the field of sports law, Sport Makers has successfully represented numerous athletes, clubs, and governing bodies in high-profile cases before different bodies, including:

    » The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

    » Egyptian Football Association Committees

    » The Saudi Sports Arbitration Center (SSAS)

    » International sports federations (such as FIFA)

    » Egyptian Sports Settlement and Arbitration Centre

Sport Makers has developed a great deal of expertise and is well versed in understanding the provisions of the WADA Code, the ISTI, and the anti-doping codes of the federations. Additionally, Sport Makers stays up-to-date with any updates or changes in these codes to provide comprehensive guidance and support to athletes, clubs, and organizations.
Sport Makers provides advice related to anti-doping issues, including:

    » Representing athletes and athlete support personnel in anti-doping proceedings and investigations.

    » Advising athletes with respect to alleged whereabouts failures (i.e., missed tests and filing failures).

    » Advising teams and clubs in respect of their anti-doping policies and procedures.

The firm’s reputation for delivering favorable outcomes and its commitment to providing exceptional client service have solidified its position as a trusted advisor in the sports industry. With their in-depth knowledge of sports law and regulations, Sport Makers acts as a legal advisor, providing expert guidance and support in order to ensure that athletes and sports entities receive the best legal advice to protect their interests and achieve their goals.