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Athlete Management

Despite the fact that the African football market in general and the Egyptian Market in specific are full of talented players, most of these talents wouldn’t be able to go beyond Africa. The lack of experience for some young talents, and the misguidance could lead to exploitation and mishandling the careers of these players.
Sport Makers aims to help talented players achieve their dream and maximize their career in the biggest leagues across the world and to ensure that each step in their career is taken according to proper studies and research. Our services include career planning, international representation, contract negotiations as well as servicing, coaching, financial, legal, medical, travel, visa and accommodation management.

Sports Development & CSR

Sports have been always used as tool for human development and as each nation’s source of pride. Sports have the power and value of responding to the basic human desire for physical supremacy and source of happiness.
In Sport Makers we believe that Sport development is policies, processes and practices that form an integral feature of the work involved in providing sporting opportunities and positive sporting experiences across any nation.
Our services within this department include:
• Drafting Sports related development strategies for governments
• Creating recreational sports programs and projects for everyone
• Developing PE curriculums and schools partnerships programs and projects
• Managing Athlete support programs and projects
• Consulting for bidding process for hosting major sporting events
• Designing CSR programs and initiatives for public and private sectors

Marketing and Event Management

In Sport Makers we provide a full solutions and services stack to companies looking to incorporate its brand in sporting events as part of their marketing communications scheme. Our experienced team cooperates with high profile business advisors, which allows us to design and implement full Sports Marketing campaigns for sports entities and for brands seeking sports as a tool for market positioning. We tailor and run sports events from A to Z including acquiring sponsors with proper activations for sponsorship contracts, ticketing, hospitality, TV rights and advertising production.
One of the main issues in football within the region is managing large scale sporting events with high fan and spectator turnout especially in football. Sport Makers has developed new techniques and innovative methods to attract and inspire football fans to come back to stadiums and become more active in supporting their clubs, we believe that each sporting event is a separate event that has to bring new experiences to guests and audiences.
Corporate games and amateur leagues
We have a range of tailor-made amateur leagues in various types of sports for schools, universities and corporations, our special leagues aim to bring people together in a wonderful atmosphere to break the ice between colleagues and enhance a better team spirit.

Education and Sports Management training

As the team is experienced in lecturing and speaking on Sports management in many reputable sports management programs locally and internationally, we design and execute sports management courses that offer students and professionals knowledge and real world experience on the booming sports industry. We also have partnerships with some of the top academic entities and experts in this field.
Our training courses include
• Sports Management and Organizational structuring
• Sports law
• Sports Development and Planning
• Sports Financing
• Sports related Marketing and Event Management