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Sport Makers is an international Sports Law & Management Firm based in Egypt. With a team of senior level and professional executive experts who combine strong academic backgrounds and hands-on professional experience in the Sports industry, Sport Makers builds on this experience, and our strategic business network and partnerships, to provide our clients with an unparalleled depth of service for supreme excellence and sustainable solutions for their business.

Nasr Azzam

Co-Founder & Head of Sports Law

As the Co-Founder and head of sports law department, Nasr is a registered lawyer in Egypt and boasts extensive experience in Sports law and Sports arbitration. He is a legal advisor to many clubs in the region and represents clubs in disputes before sports bodies like FIFA, FIBA and CAS.

He also advises sports authorities and national sports associations in regulatory matters. Being a former football player, Nasr also advises players on contractual matters and represents them in legal disputes.

With a bachelor degree in Law from Cairo University, Nasr also holds FIFA/CIES Sport Management Diploma and lectures sports law in different programs as well as being the head of law module at FIFA/CIES sport management program at Cairo University.

Nasr is currently a member of the International Association of Football Lawyers (AIAF) and the scientific committee of Football Legal Journal and continues to contribute articles to different publications as well as speaking in major sports law conferences worldwide.

Taha Diaey

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Taha is an entrepreneur who started his professional career early on; he was engaged in sports projects since 2005, when he established his first company; Smart Sport for Development of Football courts and managing Sporting Events.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law, English section in 2007, Taha started his academic trip in the field of sports, as he obtained a FIFA diploma in Sports management from the International Center for Sports Studies, Switzerland, in collaboration with Cairo University in 2009.

A few months late, Taha received a certificate from FIFA for Sports Clubs’ management, before heading to Europe to complete the FIFA Master “Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sports”. Due to his high qualifications, Taha received a full scholarship from FIFA to be the first Egyptian to hold the FIFA Master and one of small group to hold that honor in the Arab world.

Taha graduated in 2011 from three partner universities providing the program ( De Montfort University – Leicester, UK, Bocconi School of Management- Milan Italy, Neuchatel University- Switzerland).

After returning from Europe, Taha participated in several large scale projects in the field of Sports development and Sports marketing, engaging with many clubs, sports federations and corporations.

He is credited for his great contributions to putting strategic planning for Sports Development and CSR projects in Egypt and Gulf, cooperating with many major entities such as Limonta Italy, AC Milan club, CIB bank, Dreamland sporting club and governmental entities like the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Egypt, Ministry of Youth in Kuwait, the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports in Kuwait among others.

Taha is currently the Managing Director of Sport Makers, and he is also a senior Sports advisor to many sports entities besides lecturing periodically and heading the Event Management Module in the FIFA diploma.

Khaled Mostafa

Co-Founder & Executive Manager

Khaled is credited for his qualifications in PE & Sports Management and Recreation, Business of Sport, Public Policy, and Sports Politics. He has worked and continues to work across various sectors of Sport management, Sports business industry and Event management, in Egypt, Gulf and the USA.

As Executive Manager of Sport Makers, Khaled also lectures on Sport management and Sports Public Policy, Athlete management and Club Advisory. As a past observer for the FIFA congress in Zurich and Mexico City, Khaled was a member of the team that worked on drafting the latest sports law in Kuwait and a member of the group that drafted Kuwait’s future sports vision.

Khaled has been working with the development team for Soccer without Borders in California USA, and member of developing team for Egyptian youth players in Zurich football academy in Switzerland. He also has vast experience with Event management and Sports Law from his previous work with FIFA in U- 20 world cup and the Player Affairs Committee in the Egyptian football (Soccer) Association.