Managing Director

Khaled holds qualifications in PE & Sports Management and Recreation, Business of Sport, Public Policy, and Sports Politics. Khaled worked across various sectors of the Sport management, Sports business industry and Event management, in Egypt, Arab Gulf and the USA.
Khaled currently managing director of Sport Makers, Sport management and Sports public policy lecturer, Player management and Clubs Advisor, Khaled used be an observer for FIFA congress in Zurich and Mexico City. Khaled was one of the team who participated for drafting new sports law for Kuwait and member of developing team who write the sports vision of Kuwait. Khaled has been working with the development team for Soccer without Border in California USA, and member of developing team for Egyptian youth players in Zurich football academy in Switzerland, also Khaled have lots of experiences with Event management and Sports Law during his previous work with FIFA in U- 20 world cup and Players Affairs Committee in Egyptian football Association.

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