Official: Collaboration with Sport Academy Zurich and Sport Makers

11 December, 2017

It’s official! We are proud and excited to announce the collaboration with Sport Academy Zurich and Sport Makers

Sport Academy Zürich is a professional sports and education institution at the highest level, which aims to develop professional football players, with highly established training programs, through their cooperation with both FC Zürich and KV Zürich Business School. Sport Academy Zürich also has a broad network with the most prestigious clubs in Central Europe which serves as a portal for young athletes with the high potential to succeed in elite football.

Through this exciting collaboration, Sport Makers will be able to give unique opportunities for some of the finest talents in the country, and further enhance the company’s ambitious Sports Development sector. From scouting potential stars, developing their abilities through special programs and training camps, and managing their careers – Sport Makers are aiming to change the way athlete management has been done around the country and the region.